What are the values & goals of PlayMining NFT Premier?

  • The value of PlayMining NFT Premier is that it offers a wide variety of original artworks by famous creators, as well as attractive works that contribute to society and enrich the lives of their creators.
  • The goal of PlayMining NFT Premier is to become a marketplace where famous creators from all over the world who produce artworks that are close to the concepts and worldviews of the NFTs sold in this marketplace will want to exhibit their works.
  • We are sure that the NFT market will continue to grow, and our mid-term goal is to add new concepts and use cases that have not yet been seen, so that our marketplace can lead the way and help open up new possibilities for NFT.
  • In the future, this marketplace will actively collaborate with the DeFi project to contribute to the growth of blockchain as a whole.
  • In cooperation with the DeFi project, we will continue to challenge the possibilities of NFT and DeFi by combining art and finance to add economic value from a multiple perspective, not only the passion of the creator.
  • The long-term goal of PlayMining NFT Premier is to take the advanced DeFi technology and incorporate NFT into it to address liquidity issues, diversify the means of obtaining economic benefits, diversify value creation, and provide new means of credit creation.
  • We are committed to improving our service and listening to our users' feedback in order to make PlayMining NFT Premier a marketplace where creators can be proud to exhibit their NFTs.