Product Roadmap & Future Vision
  • Apply payment by BNB, CAKE and native tokens of our alliance partners
  • Increase the number of wallets available
  • Becoming a multi-chain based project.
  • By promoting multi-chain support, we would like to deliver the masterpieces of famous Japanese creators to the main users of each chain.
  • Creating token pools for creators to fund their creative activities.
  • Considering expanding into other blockchains such as Matic, Avalanche and Solana in the future.
  • We will decide what chain to use next after comprehensively examining various blockchains.
  • NFTs of any chain standard will be available for DEA's original game titles if they are classified as Game Items.
  • Game events and quests that only NFT holders can participate in are planned to be implemented in the game.
  • Exploring the feasibility of using LP tokens granted by providing liquidity to external DEX for airdropping NFTs by lottery or minting NFTs triggered by LP tokens.
  • For NFTs that grant utility like game items, we are planning to add new use cases such as boosting staking rewards.
  • Planning to hold a number of special events that only our NFT holders can participate in, such as auctions and gift campaigns.
  • Planning to sell NFTs commemorating collaborations with our partners.
  • Planning to hold in-game events such as PvPs with our partners.
  • Aiming to solve educational disparity by NFTs collaborate with our partners as well
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