How to bridge DEAPcoin to BNB Chain?

  • First, please visit multichain xyz ( ). If you have DEAPcoin in your MetaMask or other trust wallet, all you have to do is to press the “Transfer” button and confirm and sign your transaction. Your bridging procedure will be completed in a few minutes. One thing to note is that when you transfer the DEP from Ethereum mainnet to BSC, you will have to pay for gas fees as this is an open source blockchain service.
  • After bridge has completed, you can find BEP-20 DEAPcoin on your MetaMask or any other supported wallet services. Please note that you will have to change your network from Ethereum mainnet to BNB Chain to view your BEP-20 DEAPcoin.
  • In addition, when you visit Anyswap ( ) official site on BNB Chain Mainnet network, you can also find DEAPcoin on BNB Chain with BEP-20.
  • After completing bridge to BSC, your DEAPcoin will be available on BNB Chain
  • Bridging is also available at Anyswap ( ) official site